Case Study House #14 by Nasu Club

Everyday utensils created by unkown artists or craftsman have simple, unadorned beauty and what is called "YO NO BI" (lit. beauty through use) in Japanese. Such beauty calms our minds and allows us to enjoy the small joys of daily life. For this case study, NASU CLUB was requested by the owner for "a home that possessed the beauty of Japan and the West." Nasu Club focused their attention on artists based in Nasu and Mashiko, and through using their works, they sought to assemble a new harmony between Japan and the West. In addition to this, they proposed an eclectic space that combines Japanese elements with Western detail such as by using Oya tuff stone-sourced from a wall that was at the owner's parental home-for external walls and paving, and a door from a century-old warehouse.


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