Random Orbit Chandelier by Christopher Moulder

RANDOM ORBIT is a 32“ diameter ball of frenzied, zipping fireflies caught in a freeze frame. Indecisive about escaping the gravity of the central 2” diameter aluminum sphere or careening towards it, 21, 12V/10W, high efficiency, long life and high color rendering Xenon rigid loop end (RLX) bulbs are suspended by spring tempered phosphor bronze loops emanating from the sphere like wispy solar flares. Also alluding to atomic orbital shells and the improbability of determining the true, definite position of the electrons, the array of phosphor bronze loops and points of light are arranged or sculpted meticulously for each fixture, lending every RANDOM ORBIT its own personality. Standard cord length is 6’ and may be ordered up to 18’. RANDOM ORBIT comes with a fully dimmable, UL listed, 12V/300W magnetic transformer which may be located remotely or in the included canopy which mounts easily to standard junction boxes. RANDOM ORBIT provides 210 Watts of 360 ambient light suited for placement over dining tables, pool tables, bars, entrance ways and common areas.

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