Digital Primitive: Onion Pinch

Designed by the New York based architects and designers Caterina Tiazzoldi and Eduardo Benamor Duarte (team Katy Seaman, Tania Branquinho, Lorenza Croce and Mauro Fassino) in collaboration with AMORIM CORK COMPOSITES, The Installation Onion Pinch: Digital Primitive Extended for Experimenta Design09 is a design / production process exploring the idea of time as iteration and will take place in the Lisbon subway station of Cais do Sodre and in the international fair on Composite Materials Compotec. The design for the Installation is processed through the iteration and transformation of a same component - a sheet of cork arranged as an "onion ring". Shape and profile transformations occur by literally pinching the cork with a bolt. The shape variation of the onion articulate the space in a exhibition path featuring the work of several New York based, architects, designer, academic researchers and manufacturers.


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