Digital Primitive: Porcupine

Designed by the New York based architects and designers Caterina Tiazzoldi and Eduardo Benamor Duarte (team Tania Branquinho and Mauro Fassino) in collaboration with (PASTOFO and POLITROFA), is an adaptable chair for hotel lobbies, restaurants and airports waiting areas. Inspired from the fractal growth of a shell, Throw Felt Along Curve is realized in felt an fiber glass. Its design has been generated with a parametric logic (deriving from a Grasshopper application) that allows to reconfigure in accord with the location and user's inputs. The prototype of the configuration Porcupine has been expressly designed for the reception space of the Altis Hotel in Lisbon. The installation emphasizes the question of the relation existing between the proliferation of abstract geometrical configurations and their becoming object or space trough material implementation. It engages the difference between an iteration based on an abstract geometrical model that can be downloaded and repeated in any part of the globe, and the resistance of the specificity of material materiality to such a temporal contraction.


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