project71 dog bed

"project71" -- an animal enters a shelter & during the first 72 hours they will either: 1) be united with their owner. 2) enter an adoption program. 3) be euthanized. in theory, we see the 71st hour as their most crucial... that's why we have devoted our lives to volunteering, fostering, rescuing & comforting as many shelter animals as we can. each dog bed measures 26" x 31" & will fit most small to large dogs...or 7 chihuahuas! outside cover: top is black nylon blend fabric with bright white stitching & resembles an industrial moving blanket/sides are turquoise colored cotton fabric for a fun pop of color...machine wash/dry filling is polyfil nufoam, which is soft, yet firm & dogs love it! ideal for senior dogs or babies with orthopedic needs. filling is protected with a vinyl cover to prevent liquids from absorbing...wipe clean. finished with a bright orange & white embroidered project71 tag. $45.00 *all profits go towards rescue efforts.


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