ScrapHouse:SF Watch the impossible Design/Build challenge

What? Impossible! 6 weeks for the Design/Build? Architects changed designs midway? Forgot to hire a Construction Manager? You need permits when?? Missing materials? Doors open in 4 hours, not finished? Announcing the DVD release of ScrapHouse: San Francisco. Watch free online Wednesday October 21, 12:00am to 11:59PM Green Planet Films, Public Architecture, and are presenting ScrapHouse: San Francisco -- a 24 hour free streaming media event and contest --to demonstrate the infinite possibilities and creativity that green building and 'reuse' of materials has to offer. After watching, enter a contest win an in-home composter by NatureMill or BioBags courtesy Cole Hardware. ABOUT THE FILM. The locally produced film ScrapHouse: San Francisco follows a team of architects, designers, engineers, city officials and builders who, in honor of World Environment Day 2005, were challenged to construct an architecturally sound, single family dwelling using only scrap, recycled, and salvaged materials--and in only six weeks. The project was conceived by SF filmmaker Anna Fitch and Chicken John. ScrapHouse was designed by Public Architecture, with construction taking place in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza. 44 mins.


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