Custom Molded Leather Artwork by Aaron R. Thomas

For this series we created over 200 individual works of art for use as ceiling diffusers out of thick cowhide. Each hide was soaked for hours until it was pliable enough to be put into one of our custom forms and then baked at a low temperature for an hour in our walk-in oven until all of the water has been removed and the form was rigid. Once the form was structurally rigid, each piece was further shaped on a band saw before being carefully trimmed with a blade. Then the edges were shaved and rolled for a finished look. After that, each piece was sprayed by a fine mist of baby oil and then hand stitched to be hung on wall and ceiling. The overall effect cast rich texture and playful floating shadows on all surfaces. These pieces can also be custom painted in either a tint or solid color to suit any decor. Shown in Grey.


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