Gorgeous new hanging fireplace

(Bethel, CT, November 2009) Spark Modern Fires, award winning manufacturer of modern, clean, and elegant gas fireplaces announces a totally new direct vent “slim” fireplace designed to hang on the wall. With a viewing area of 46” X 12”, this striking new fireplace provides substantial visual impact; while its depth of only 8” presents an exceptionally lean profile. Called the Direct Vent Slim 46”, this new fireplace saves space as well as time and cost of installation. Just vent through an outside wall or the roof, hang it—and enjoy. SPARK’s signature Fire Ribbon look has never been easier. The Direct Vent Slim 46” is the perfect width for those looking for something between SPARK’s three foot and six foot wide direct vent fireplaces. And as a hanging unit, it does not require extensive cut outs or framing. In addition to its attractive size, this innovative fireplace features a porcelain enamel interior to reflect and enhance the beauty of the flame, as well as sleek surrounds in stainless steel or black satin. Also included is a fully programmable, thermostatic remote to allow lighting and control from anywhere in the room. The Direct Vent Slim 46” offers designers and consumers unprecedented options to locate a fireplace where one could not go before; and to add the warmth and beauty of “firescape art” to almost any room. More information on the Direct Vent Slim 46” as well as other Spark Modern Fires products can be found in SPARK’s newly printed catalog, at www.sparkfires.com, or call 866-938-3846. About Spark Modern Fires Spark Modern Fires was co-founded in 2005 by Tom Healy, a former custom home builder who for two decades successfully built custom homes in VA and Washington, D.C. As a custom builder, Tom found that commercially available fireplaces most often did not match the distinct décor required by the designs of the homes he was building. As a result Tom was forced to fabricate special parts for each fireplace; a process that was costly and time consuming. Seeing a need in the market, Tom set out in 2003 to develop a product line and a company that made it easier for designers and builders to use a gas fireplace as a design element in custom and unique environments. In 2005 Spark Modern Fires introduced its first Fire Ribbons which were shipped in early 2006. The market enthusiastically accepted the new products, with many being installed in high end locations such as the Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Hotels, and “W” Hotels. The new products were so well received that in 2007 and 2008 Spark Modern Fires was nominated to participate in the prestigious Interior Design Award for Best Architectural Product of the Year, winning the award in 2007 for the Fire Ribbon and finishing among the top four in 2008 for The Linear Burner. More information on Spark Modern Fires can be found at www.sparkfires.com or call 866-938-3846. Press Contact: Holland & Holland PR Doug Holland 501-353-2081 douglas@hhpr.biz

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