Bug Dome by the WEAK!

This building was constructed in Shenzhen, China on the 3000 sq m site of a demolished building with a design inspired by insects. The bamboo construction methods used were based on knowledge brought to the city from rural Guanxi by the migrating construction workers and the materials used in the construction of the 120 sq m dome were bamboo, wood, gravel and recycled concrete. The architects of record on this project are Hsieh Ying-chun 謝英俊, Marco Casagrande 馬可·卡薩格蘭 and Roan Ching-yueh 阮慶岳. Construction team was: Chen, Jiang Zhou, Leo Cheng, Marco Casagrande, Nikita Wu, Shao Lei, Wei Jia-kuan and Wei Jing-Ke; the design assistant was: Frank Chen and the local knowledge source came from: Wei Jia-kuan and Wei Jing-Ke. Please read this interesting blog for complete info on this project.

Visit bugdome.blogspot.com

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