Engineered Redwood Paneling

At the turn of the century the California’s rapidly expanding wine industry used the highest grade old growth redwood as their wood of choice for its wine casks. Redwoods’s dense, straight grain was preferred by winemakers because, unlike oak, it does not add flavor to the wines and is incredibly long lasting. They do not make Redwood like this anymore, period. It’s warm, rich color with just a hint of rose staining from its prior use creates some of the most rare and exquisite siding and paneling in the world. It has already lasted generations and is built to withstand many more years of enjoyment. In addition to solid siding and paneling, in order to conserve this finite resource and create incredible value for our customers we also offer Wine Tank Redwood in engineered interior paneling. It has the same vintage character and incredible history as our solid paneling at an astonishingly affordable price point.


Materialized by

Viridian Wood

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