Columbia City by Dwell Development

Designed to fit seamlessly into the urban environment of Columbia City, the homes offer mature modern living on three levels with roof top decks, open rise stairs, radiant heat, and stunning contemporary finishes. Certified under the Built Green program they have been constructed with sustainable and reclaimed materials, high efficiency windows, low VOC finishes, drought tolerant/low maintenance landscaping, and rainwater collection barrels. The intention was to create a living experience that could evolve with the future plans for this Southeast Seattle neighborhood. With the recent addition of a light rail system extending from Downtown Seattle to the North and SeaTac International Airport to the South, one of the stations has been located less than three blocks away. South Edmunds Street is the primary connection between the Columbia City business center and the light rail system. As the future unfolds the stand alone home could potentially be transformed to a more commercial application without the need to remove and replace the structure. In the meantime the home embraces its urban surroundings while maintaining a sense of privacy within. The townhomes are set back from the main street and are oriented to the East, maintaining their connections to their residential surroundings regardless of future development. Columbia City is a vibrant, diverse, community centric neighborhood with a long history. It has been the focus of a great deal of thoughtful, high design development in recent years while maintaining strong connections to it’s past. It is the home of dozens of locally owned businesses including restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, theaters, community organizations and one of the areas largest farmer’s markets. Founded over 100 years ago with a connection to the city via electric train it stands to once again experience another rebirth with the new (electric) rail connection. Dwell continues to create hip, urban homes and is under construction on their latest project 1105dwell scheduled for completion in late spring 2010.


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