Melissa Lounge - São Paulo Fashion Week

The magic and enchantment of the circus also appear in the decoration of the lounge Melissa at the 28th edition of SPFW. Designed by Rosenbaum®, the space was inspired by the circus tent, complete with ring, bleachers and chairs suspended referring to the trapeze acrobats. "The lounge is a contemporary circus, the circus is inside out and Melissa are the modern trapeze," said Rosenbaum®. The space is all white, gray and silver, except the logo MELISSA ET CIRCUS, made of acrylic and purple lines in the neon colors of the campaign. The rest of the color is up to the fantasy of the circus and of the Melissa's new collection out in trapezes - of different heights, some swinging, some spinning, some not. Guests can immerse themselves in the subject MELISSA ET CIRCUS and about the main models developed for the 2010 winter collection. Respected Melisseiras: the show has started! Project: Rosenbaum® Date: January 2010 Location: São Paulo – Brazil / São Paulo Fashion Week


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