Direct Vent Hanging Fireplace

Spark Modern Fires’ has designed a totally new direct vent “slim” fireplace to hang on the wall. With a viewing area of 46” X 12”, this striking new fireplace provides substantial visual impact; while its depth of only 8” presents an exceptionally lean profile. In addition to its attractive size, this innovative fireplace features a porcelain enamel interior to reflect and enhance the beauty of the flame and has sleek surrounds in stainless steel or black satin. Called the Direct Vent Slim 46”, this new fireplace saves space as well as time and cost of installation. Just vent through an outside wall or the roof, and hang it to add the warmth and beauty of "firescape art" to almost any room. Also included is a fully programmable, thermostatic remote to allow lighting and control from anywhere in the room.


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