Gable Home-Passive House Certified Modular Structure-U of I

The primary concept of the Gable Home is to create a synthesis between innovative technology and vernacular Midwestern architecture. This synthesis results in a synergetic relationship between the two, creating an environmentally sustainable home of the future. The Gable Home was designed to meet Passive House standards, a rigorous performance evaluation that requires optimal performance and environmentally sensitive design. The house is highly insulated and incorporates advanced window design and installation technology. Such specifications reduce air infiltrations significantly and help the home act like a thermos, maintaining a comfortable, consistent indoor temperature. The structural frame of Gable Home is made of 3/4" laminated bamboo "Lamboo" framing elements. The laminated bamboo was generously donated by Lamboo Inc. Lamboo offers 10 times the strength of typical framing wood and in this application, the minimal thickness signficantly reduced thermal bridging, which helped us achieve the energy efficiency required for Passive House certification. To learn more feel free to view website below.


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