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The Lamboo LVB product line offers a full array of structural applications. Through innovative research and development Lamboo Inc has designed an engineered bamboo material specifically for structural beams, trusses, I Joist, and hybrid cold formed steel joist for use in aesthetic applications. Through our partnerships we offer consulting, shop drawings, and detailed development structural system analysis for each structural application. With the use of Lamboo in your project you could be eligible for up to 4 LEED credits. All of our Lamboo LVB is custom fabricated to meet the requirements for your project. Our process uses 15% less embodied energy than wood and 300% less embodied energy than aluminum and steel. Lamboo on average is 20% more stable than wood in moisture and temperature changes, 10 times stronger than wood in tension and 3 times stronger mechanically. Bamboo sequesters 35% more carbon than its tree counter parts and also produces 30% more oxygen than a like sized timber forest area. Structural LVB - (Type one structural grade adhesive) -Structural beams -Cold Form Steel Hybrids -Curtain Wall Systems -Trusses


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