Lamboo Window & Door Component Material

Through research, development, and product testing Lamboo Inc. has designed material specifically for window and door components and systems. Bamboo, being the most renewable resource on the planet, with its thermal properties, as well as strength, rigidity and water resistant attributes make Lamboo LVB, Window and Door Component material ideal for project integration. Lamboo offers a material that is in comparison to engineered wood 20% more stable in climate and temperature changes. Lamboo LVB is superior in strength as well as aesthetically pleasing. Lamboo technology including: Species selection, adhesive selection, and our proprietary lamination process make Lamboo LVB a superior material that is easily incorporated in window and door manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being the technology leader in the Structural Grade Engineered Bamboo industry. -Window and door Component LVB - (Type one Exterior Grade Adhesive) -Components -Frame -Sash -Store Front Systems -Curtain Wall Systems


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