Lamboo Inc - Laminated Bamboo Panels In Elevator Cabs -

Lamboo is becoming a vital sustainable building material in this new "green" world. Lamboo - engineered bamboo panels - have multiple applications worldwide though structural applications, architecture, and interior design of all sorts. Recently Lamboo has been integrated into elevator cab systems to bring out the unique bamboo grain, as well as the sustainability features that Lamboo has. Lamboo Inc. and their panels & veneer can be used in the following: -Panels And Veneer Material -Furniture -Reversible Table Tops - Duel Grain -Counter Tops -Flush Doors -Veneer Finishes -Jet Interiors -Yacht Interiors -Stair Treads -Interior Paneling -Ceiling Systems -Wainscot -Crown Molding -Elevator Cab Interiors -Solid Ply Material -Cross Ply Material This is a highly sustainable, aesthetically pleasing material that brings a very modern feel in all different aspects of furniture, interior design work, architectural applications, and panels and veneer.


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