Lamboo Inc. Partnering with Duratherm Windows

Lamboo Inc. has recently partnered with Duratherm Window Corporation to provide innovative designs incorporating Lamboo technology for window and door systems. Through Duratherm Window, customers can choose window systems that fit their custom needs such as: -Fixed Frame -Storefront Systems -Awining -Out-Swing Casement -Tilt/Turn -In-Swing Casement -Hopper -Single-hung -Hopper-hung -Lift/Roll Duratherm can also provide a wide variety of door systems to fit the needs of any project: -Out-Swing -In-Swing -Lift/Roll -Slide/Fold -Windoor To View Duratherm's Window & Door products click Duratherm Window Corporation Lamboo LVB technology’s integration into a window or door system helps attain a higher uniformity and mechanical consistency while achieving contemporary aesthetic qualities for today’s innovative architects and designers. Through Lamboo's technology and Duratherm's top of the line custom designs, customers can receive a truly innovative, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing end product.


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