Lamboo LVB-Storefront System-Pacific Architectural Millwork

Lamboo LVB (Laminate veneer bamboo) has many applications and uses. -Structural LVB -(Type one structural grade adhesive) -Structural beams -Curtain Walls -Window and door Component LVB –(Type one Exterior Grade Adhesive) -Components -frame -Sash -Store Front Systems Lamboo Inc has partnered with Pacific Architectural Millwork to create an innovative design accompanied by Lamboo technology in windows and storefront systems. Lamboo’s LVB material has recently been showcased through Pacific Architectural Millwork in a storefront system at the International Builders Show 2010 in Las Vegas. Lamboo LVB window and door component materials are manufactured with exterior grade adhesives and are superior to many other materials through the use of a select bamboo species and other proprietary lamination processes. Lamboo LVB technology’s integration into a window or door system attains higher uniformity and mechanical consistency while achieving contemporary aesthetic qualities for today’s innovative architects and designers. With the designs of Pacific Architectural Millwork, and the technology of Lamboo, innovation is at its highest by bringing such a structurally stable, aesthetically appealing end product. You can see their storefront system incorporated with Lamboo technology that was showcased in The International Builder's Show 2010 in the pictures above. Pacific Millwork can achieve a very broad number of products that can fit well with any project. They offer custom products such as: Folding View-Walls, Lift & Slide View Walls, Windows, Swing Doors, Entry Doors, HFX Sliding View-Wall, And Storefront Systems. View Pacific Millworks Products At: Or check out their home page at: Pacific Architectural Millwork can achieve custom work for window & door applications combining innovative design with a great technology. Contact Pac Millwork for premium product collections for residential and commercial applications.


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