Lamboo - Used In Architectural Millwork - Engineered Bamboo

Lamboo being a very sustainable material, tends to catch architects eyes. Lamboo is easily integrated into all aspects of architecture millwork, structure applications, interior design as well as custom furniture. These cabinets are a truly innovative, and aesthetically pleasing result due to the Lamboo technology. Lamboo is a perfect fit in the following architectural projects: -Medical -Hospitality -Commercial Business -Restaurant -Recreational Facilities -Libraries -Stadiums -Concert Halls The uses of Lamboo products have been given approval for LEED® CREDITS. All of our products contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification under MR Credit 6 - Rapidly renewable materials, IEQ Credit 4.4 - Low-emitting materials; ID Credit 1 - Innovation in Design (Environmentally Preferable Material), and ID Credit 2 - Innovation in Design (Life Cycle Assessment / Environmental Impact). All Lamboo products qualify for up to 4 LEED Credits.


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