Mid Century Bathroom Remodel

The powder and master baths are combined in one larger space that allows for closing off the toilet and a sink for use by guests. Space was maximized by capturing an adjoining closet and eliminating the second toilet. The idea was to make both sides of the bathroom work well separately and together. The bathroom’s original skylight was reshaped to align with the shower door, and a high rectangular window running the full width of the bathroom was added on the shower wall to bring in air and light. A wood column now divides the long wall—on either side of it, the vanity walls are mirror images of each other, differing only in length. The highly engineered “unit” houses two back-to-back medicine cabinets outfitted with electrical outlets as well as the pocket door that closes off the guest bath area as needed. Primary Materials—Heath Ceramic Tiles, walnut-veneered Europly cabinets, slab travertine counter tops and backsplash, and travertine floor tiles, all inspired by the original designs of the house.

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