Picklewood Siding, Reclaimed Wood from Trestlewood

Trestlewood Reclaimed Products has a very large selection of unique wood products which includes large timbers, flooring, siding and lumber. Pictured is one example of Picklewood Siding, one of their unique wood products, with the weathered exterior faces of the vat staves used for a rustic weathered look. In the mid 1800s, many food companies produced pickles, vinegar and other products in large wooden vats. Today most of these companies are using fiberglass or stainless steel and the Redwood, Cypress and Douglas Fir vats are available for re-manufacture into wonderful reclaimed wood products. In addition to these wood products Trestlewood's sister company, Cannon Salvage, has fully documented barn frames that can be purchased for reassembly on your site.

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