SADi: Global Student Showcase now open

The Student Architecture + Design Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that aims to collect, organize, and disseminate student architecture and design thesis projects. We recently launched a website,, that is now accepting student thesis submissions. After assessing, organizing, and curating these submissions over the summer, SADi will publicly debut the Global Student Showcase on September 1, 2010. Students, faculty, and other users will then be able to freely enjoy this collection. Over time, we hope to build the definitive repository for student architecture and design thesis projects. The benefits of student participation: Free Account: Student accounts are always free and include a student profile, a project page, and SADi community privileges. Easy Uploading: Students are encouraged to present a set of images to illustrate their work and an artist's statement that describes their thesis project. Recognition: All student submissions are eligible for cash awards at our annual SADi awards ceremony that recognizes the best projects of the year. Stability: Students can quickly link to their SADi thesis work and facilitate its dissemination to colleagues and employers. Community: Students can choose to publish their contact information and communicate with peers, professors and professionals. Students can also join user networks, communicate with recent graduates, and both contribute to and benefit from the circulation of ideas. Universities and faculty will also benefit from a prosperous student-showcase site: The inventory of student work can support the periodic accreditation process. Universities can create "private label" showcases for submissions from their own students, obviating the need for each school to set up and maintain their own site. Registered faculty users can assemble "custom albums" of images from the collection of student projects, creating visual narratives that they can share with students and use as a basis for lesson planning and demonstrating recent precedent. The student-showcase can be an effective platform for demonstrating the great student work happening at your department.


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