The Fern, Eco-friendly Menorah

Our exclusive ‘green’ candelabra are entirely made of recycled white oak staves from French wine barrels. This unique candelabrum is a perfect Hanukkah/Chanukah Menorah, great as an original gift idea, as a very sophisticated centerpiece for a dining table or fireplace mantel. This piece if a perfect fusion of modern style, organic vibe and classic elegance, very easy to integrate with any interior design. The eight candles are aligned at the same height in order to have the flames leveled, while the ninth in the middle stands a tad above the others, following the kosher tradition. This piece is made of 5 layers of single staves alternated to obtain this interesting ‘fern leaf’ pattern, plus a base for stability; The red wine previously held in the barrels stains the upper side of every stave and it’s complemented with a rich Cherry Chocolate color. As no one barrel band is the same, each piece might show natural imperfections, slight variations in color, grain & dimensions, all adding to the uniqueness of every item. Total measurements are: About 24 1/2” length, about 7” height, about 1 3/4” width (base excluded) (each barrel stave is different so the size is ALWAYS approximate) It comes complete of nine very elegant white porcelain mini holders and nine mini taper candles (1/2” diameter)


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