Bamboo Panels - LAMBOO® DESIGN™ Series - Applications

Lamboo offers their LAMBOO® DESIGN™ Series - Engineered Bamboo Panels & Veneer specifically designed for interior design and architectural integrations. Lamboo panels and veneer are ideal for Furniture, Table tops, Architectural Interiors, Stair treads, Interior Paneling, Wainscot, Crown Molding, Elevator Interiors, and many other design applications. Lamboo, Inc. offers a strong, aesthetically pleasing, workable engineered bamboo panel that appeals to finish carpenters, and to the custom designer/builder. With Three grain types and two solid colors to choose from, LAMBOO® DESIGN™ panels offer strength, rigidity, and water resistance which make our panels a great fit for project integration. We are able to offer a material that is in comparison to engineered wood 20% more stable in climate and temperature changes, and has no knots or voids for easy milling. --LAMBOO® DESIGN ™ Engineered Bamboo Panels And Veneer Series-- WHY LAMBOO? -Made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo. -Can be cut, milled, and sanded similar to hardwoods. -Lamboo can receive finishes and stains exceptionally well. -It is 20% more stable than wood in moisture and temperature changes. -Offers up to 4 LEED Credits. -Bamboo sequesters 35% more carbon than its tree counter parts. -Highly renewable and has a short growth cycle. --Lamboo Applications-- -Furniture -Cabinetry -Table Tops - Reversible - Duel Grain -Flush Doors -Veneer -Stair Treads -Paneling -Wainscot -Molding -Elevator Interiors -Ceiling Systems LAMBOO® DESIGN™ Engineered Bamboo Panels & Veneer can offer a wide variety of applications in any project. Lamboo panels can add up to an additional 4 LEED credits and create a contemporary atmosphere with its uniform grain and color.


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