Lamboo 204 Awning Window by H Window Company

Lamboo Inc. has partnered with H Window Company to create a premium grade Lamboo window. H-Window Company built the very first Lamboo window with their most popular series, the 204 Awning Window integrating LAMBOO® VUE™ window components. This 204 awning system is ideal for residential and commercial uses, through their integration of LAMBOO® VUE™ and the Spilka push-bar operating hardware and hinge system, one of their most innovative and revolutionary windows became even more innovative. The H- Window awning with its double or triple paned glass system and solid LAMBOO® VUE™ interior is eligible for up to 19 LEED points. Through sourcing, manufacturing and product specifications this material has anti-microbial and moisture resistant attributes that make this ideal in high use, ultra clean environments such as hospitals, schools and restaurants.


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