Insilvis GEAR Coat Hook

Our domestic space is often characterized by objects of an industrial nature. This INSILVIS wall-mounted clothes hook uses a pulley in the shape of a knob, suitably polished and treated, attached to the wall by means of a stainless steel cone. The resulting structure is evocative of technological realities that, for the uncommon functional attribution of its mechanical component, kindle surprise and questions, in a way as to draw the onlooker onto an interpretative carousel. The completeness of the circumference is animated by the kinematic impressions of a cogwheel: its throats breathe life into the chiaroscuro vibrations of the object, rooting it in space. The perfection of execution and the method of attachment, simple, secure and its concealment, achieve with indisputable object substance, like the philosophy of INSILVIS, the provocative contents of the design idea and the dream-like impetus of the mechanism. GEAR forms part of a collection of wall hangers for clothes characterized by basic geometric forms (models CONE, CUBE, CYLINDER and PIX.) and readymade objects (models BOLT and SIGNUM).


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