Insilvis VIKING, valet stand

The upper curved tube has the formal vigour and massiveness of a Viking helmet. The totality expresses a certain and solid equilibrium, ultimately stabilized by the horizontal bar and firmly rooted to earth by a circular crown base. However, it is possible to read into the work the crystallization of a just completed movement, or the intention of impending animation. The apparent fragility of the supports, slender but as effective as the limbs of a flamingo, multiplies the visual combinations among the components, in the intersections and in the apparent parallelism that are produced from various vantage points. Stainless steel is the perfect material for the interpretation of the dialectics of the lines, so full of material density and of allusive iconographic awesomeness. For years INSILVIS has untiringly been devoting attention to the object valet stand that, even in the term utilized in various languages, shows a particular vocation for personalization with curious semantic features.


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