ROCOCO ("Ya fui a llorar" Sofa)

ROCOCO is: Irreverence, art, history and trend. The ROCOCO concept stems from the idea of creating unique pieces by reinventing the old through art and contemporary design. Each ROCOCO piece gives character and uniqueness to the world of interior decoration. ROCOCO reinterprets the past and gives a new face to each piece. Objects and furniture take another character by being chosen for its carvings, forms and qualities in antique shops and bazaars in Mexico. With the intention of supporting Mexican art and talent, ROCOCO incorporates into its production craftsmen and artists that rescue, restore and give a new story to each piece. The different lines of ROCOCO: AUTOR, LAB, CASA, and DECOR, allows diversity in tastes and styles. From hand painted works of art, 100% genuine Mexican fabric designs, textiles brought from Europe, to unique decorative objects. ROCOCO is luxury, ROCOCO is irreverence, ROCOCO is trend, ROCOCO is unique.


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