Hangman Light by Jiyoun Kim

If you have no problem with slightly morbid designs, this light would work great for your home. It looks about like a doll has decided to finally end their poor tortured life. Only to be turned into a lamp to illuminate your home with their dark deed. It’s not morbid in the least. Hopefully your friends and family share your open mind as far as cryptic items go, otherwise you might find fewer and fewer people stopping by to hang out. The design was created by Ji-young Kim, who apparently had some issues to broadcast with this design. The best part of the design are the small X’s on the hand, it reminds me of the ones you find on old cartoons when someone has died. Unfortunately, since it is a design, it’s doubtful you’ll be able to find one of these. Which is too bad, because this might be one of the few lamps out there that the spiral bulb would actually look pretty cool used within it.

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