Meals Next Door Kitchen

Meals Next Door is a restaurant project by Patrick Clay Studio the design and function of the restaurant is a clear revolutionary vision of creating an efficient, sustainable, and clean kitchen that delivers healthy home cooked cuisine to its customers. This project provides a unique opportunity to create a holistic vision for the future of fast food; clean, healthy, and organic. The project is centered on sustainability and efficiency. Entering the restaurant is a completedeparture from the outside world. Walls coated in American Clay stucco in rich hues and floors of plyboo bamboo gives the reception area a warm and delicate appearance; a place where the customers can marvel at the d├ęcor while they wait for their meals. Leaving the profane and entering the sacred brings the viewer to the kitchen, a decidedly sacred and powerful space, worlds apart from the entranceway. Long preparation areas made out of Hempcrete and concrete dye allow for a spotless and clinical appearance for food preparation. An innovative lip system on the preparation area makes for a streamlined countertop into the wall, greatly reducing the hidden spots where dirt and grime could sneak. Fluorescent lights give a sharp but warm glow as well as saving energy.


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