Palace Stacking Tableware by Alessandro Zambelli

You’ve heard it before: “This food is so, so … architectural in concept.” This stacked dinnerware takes that old chestnut to new levels–1,2,3,4,5 and 6! That’s how many “floors” make up each “building” of these Florentine-inspired Renaissance homes. Even the roof, flipped over, is a dish. Stefano Seletti, the founding head of SELAB, the creative lab driving the Italian brand his family started in 1964, charged frequent collaborator Alessandro Zambelli to design tableware that, well, doesn’t really look like tableware when it’s not in use. There’s the tower, a six-floor building, a large opera house like building and a wonderful villa; and you can now own them all. I’m not proposing a huge brick investment but a rather more humorous and considerably smaller one. Your table has never been so much fun; plates, bowls, glasses, soup and cheese containers are stackable, beautifully shaped and decorated in style! We won’t say it this time… we scream it out loud, ITALIANS DO IT BETTER!!!!!


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