The Evolving Skyscraper

Architect Vahan Misakyan has proposed ‘The Evolving Skyscraper’ for the city of Yerevan in Armenia featuring three piercing towers formed by geodesics that houses offices, residences, and hotel programs. The Evolving Skyscraper is designed by Vahan Misakyan as a sustainable structure studded with cutting-edge green technologies. This skyscraper proposal consists of an assembly of structural geodesics that form three piercing towers. These towers housing offices, residences, and hotel are linked by habitable bridges at the top and bottom. Depending on the program that is housed in each tower, the geodesics change in size and configuration. The bridges are designed as commercial and recreational areas, which can be used by the general public. One of the notable features of this skyscraper is the soft transition between the vertical and horizontal planes. This change is achieved by creating surfaces that peel off from the ground and transform into habitable areas.


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