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The new website www.edition20.com displays 20th-century design classics from the world of furniture and interiors. It´s a comprehensive and fascinating free research platform for architects, interior designers and all other design aficionados. All the design classics presented on www.edition20.com are still being made today to the finest standards under the original license, either by renowned premium manufacturers or at smaller workshops by superior craftsmen. Even knowledgeable lovers of fine design will be astounded to learn how many classics are still in production under the original license. Be they Gio Ponti’s cutlery or Oscar Niemeyer’s timeless creations as well, of course, as celebrated Bauhaus and mid-century items among countless other less-feted 20th-century design objects. All of them, however, have one thing in common – every single piece counts deservedly among the finest designs of the period 1900 to 1999. edition20 allows the user to carry out refined searches for specific design classics or simply to leaf through the assiduously-prepared range of topics and gather inspiration. The multifarious product categories, themes and interior styles featured guarantee that you the user finds precisely the design classics (s)he is after!

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