Insilvis SUNCHARIOT coat stand

The square steel tube with a round-arched curve seems to contradict the linearity of the lower area of the work. At the same time, an abrupt interruption in the arc creates a sudden discontinuity in the visual path. The mirror-like arrangement of the structure accentuates or attenuates the disruption of continuity, depending on one’s point of view. The white color of the main structure can be matched with a horizontal shaft in any combination of material, finish and color: steel with a white or black enamel finish, stainless steel, or carbon fiber. The horizontal shaft is available in various lengths, so the work is appropriate for homes, offices and stores. SUNCHARIOT is easy to assemble with four socket-head screws, easy to liven up because of its lightness and easy to move with its swiveling casters. The item is intended for inclusion in a young, intelligent, useful furnishing arrangement.


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