Delta’s Fresh FLORAXX

Two design options are offered by Delta Membrane Systems in the new Delta-FLORAXX range, bringing innovative drainage solutions in green roofing applications. Delta- FLORAXX is used on inverted roofs to drain water away from insulation panels under accessible surfaces. Thanks to its breathable perforation and its dimples, water and air may circulate freely on the underside so that no coherent film of water can form on the insulation. This sheet may be used in extensively planted applications as well as in accessible inverted roofs covered with paving stones or slabs. This sheet amalgamates the functions of water storage and high-performance drainage. Its octagonal dimples additionally reinforced by ribs make it unusually compression-resistant, so that it will sustain even heavy loads safely. Thus, it provides an extremely serviceable and economical foundation for green roofs. Capable of storing 7 litres/m2 of water as a reserve for periods of drought, Delta- FLORAXX is breathable and water permeable thanks to the perforation between the storage dimples. Other features include a compressive strength of 200kN/m2 thanks to its innovative octagonal dimples. Also available is Delta-FLORAXX Top, which has the additional benefit of a filtration layer – eliminating the need for one laying operation. Sheet size for Delta-FLORAXX is 20m x 2m, while FLORAXX-Top is 10m x 2.1m wide. The extra 100mm geotextile width allows for overlap.


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