Luxury Sunshade Umbrella for Poolside

Excellence, exclusivity and audacity are what come to mind when considering this EGO’s Sunshade. One of the choices for the French company’s Sunshade with hugely unique shapes which are shaped from cordiform-like leaf to leaf of evenly heart-shaped, split down the middle by a vein. The feel you get resembles that of nestling under the shade of a giant plant, inhabiting an urban rain forest. The material of which the umbrella is made is batyline mesh, UV resistant 100% polyester thread coated and bulk dyed a material that resists rot with fixed shape and color. As for the colors, you can get their Sunshade Umbrella in one of sixteen colors, anything from paprika to plum, and coffee to kiwi. The perfect size of this umbrella is 110 x 85 cm.


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