Beautiful Traditional Cedar Hot Tub

For centuries people from all cultures enjoyed the relaxing pleasures and therapeutic benefits of soaking in warm water. Hydromassage is a physical and mental experience, the heat, buoyancy and massage create a perfect environment that can be used to treat any number of ailments from arthritis to minor sports injuries.The hot water raised the body temperature and causes the blood vessels to dilate. This will be increasing circulation and produces endorphins, reduce blood pressure, blood sugar levels and the loss of 90% of bodyweight relieves pressure. This massaging action comes from jets positioned in the side of the tub. It send a mixture of warm water and air through nozzles, gently massaging away your aches and stresses. Soaking in a hot swirling tub will leave you relaxed, mentally and physically. Northern Lights Cedar Tubs combines the age-old tradition of cooperage and modern manufacturing technologies to produce one of the world’s finest cedar hot tubs. All of Cedar tubs are made Clear Western Red Cedar wooden.The wooden hot tub quality will cost you less than a comparable acrylic or fiberglass reinforced plastic model with the same features. Besides beautiful color of cedar, it also provided a wonderful scent.


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