Literal Folding Wall Bed

The Literal range of wall beds, designed by Lievore-Altherr-Molina, combine durable functionality with clean and uncluttered contemporary design. The beds have been widely installed in private homes, hotels, hostels, health care establishments, universities, public service establishments and many other locations. Most recent installations include Moat House Hotels, Norfolk Royale Hotel Bournemouth, St. Raphael Resort Cyprus, Yotel, NHS King’s College pediatric ward (shelf beds installed). Manufactured in Europe to comply with E.U. and U.K. safety and quality directives. Robustly built steel frame, designed for every day wear and tear of residential and contract use. UK version of the bunk bed has increased and additional safety bars on top bunk; details available on request. Both bunks now fitted as standard with gas pistons to allow for easy and effortless opening and closing of both bunk beds. Literal wall beds solve the problem of the increasing demand on availability of space, folding neatly against the wall when not in use, whilst offering the comfort and practicality one expects from a regular bed. Simple installation of bed, typically 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. Two vertical brackets based on the floor are secured to the wall with rawl plugs and screws, with bed(s) hinged in between. The vertical brackets bear the load of bed through the floor.


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William Moore

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