Mid-Century Modern Home with Features out of a Bond Film

On the surface it is just another 50’s waterfront home on Bainbridge Island with views of Seattle (not that that is a bad thing.) This isn’t your average 1950’s home. We call it the “James Bond” house because of its fantastic hidden doorways and high-tech features. It could be straight out of a James Bond movie! The owners were very progressive in the materials and designs they chose throughout the home. Small details like recessed lighting around all the windows and skylights add up to make a very compelling space. It could use a lot of updating but the bones are there and the ideas implemented are still unique even today. “James Bond-like” features include multiple automatic sliding walls at the push of a button, movable bookcases, secret entrances and storage spaces integrated throughout the home. Someone who likes gadgets and cool features will love this home. Despite the focus on gadgets and trick engineering, the connection with nature is not lost. There are numerous Indoor/Outdoor entertaining areas that connect the living spaces of the home to the outdoors. This is one of a kind! The website captures the unique qualities of the home, and I think your readers would find it fun to learn about its story. Take a look! http://ferncliff.bainbridgeislandwaterfronthome.com/

Visit ferncliff.bainbridgeislandwaterfronthome.com

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