Modern Luxury by Bespoke Furniture

Italian architect Simone Micheli has a distinctively futuristic style that he has applied to conceptual spaces, hotels, bars and spas all over the world. However, some might wonder whether he would apply this striking aesthetic to his own home. Micheli has proved any sceptics wrong by turning his home in a block of 19th-century weavers’ cottages in Florence into a shining example of what he does best — clean, white spaces softened by the rounded shapes of citrus-coloured furniture and punctuated by graphic and textural elements. ‘I have spent a long time planning and considering the right ethos for my home, which I share with my wife Roberta and son Cesar, and arrived at the concept of modern luxury,’ says Micheli. ‘However, I did not want modern luxury to mean feeling restricted in your own home. I wanted it to promote freedom and movement.’


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