Thonet Floor Lamp

LUM is designed by Ulf Möller as a reading lamp featuring a sleep function that automatically switches off the light after two hours. A night-light that conceals the chromed steel tube in a subdued glow during the night, and a memory function that recalls the most recently used dimming level when switching on the lamp, are also featured. One of the most distinct features of the lamp is that the user can switch the lamp on and off by simply moving his hand along the lighting head. Controlling the lamp is not achieved by touching the light head, but by a 'back-reflection' into the lamp. This allows changing the lamp's position and re-adjusting the focus of light without confusing the control mechanism. LUM can be used in a range of flexible ways thanks to its low weight. The lighting head can also be adjusted using a 340 degrees swivel joint, which allows an individual and flexible scattering of light.


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William Moore

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