Ultrasone Edition 10

The Edition 10 is the first OPEN-BACK pair of Edition headphones by Ultrasone equipped with the latest technologies such as ULE-technology (Mu Metal shielding) and S-Logic Plus technology. The wings of a butterfly inspired the basic look. Ultrasone Edition headphones not only provide brilliant sound but couple that with best materials available. Featuring a unique and stylish full metal headband that is also an extremely lightweight along with Ethiopian sheepskin leather covers ear cups and head band, , these headphones stand for extreme comfort, sound, surface feel and appearance. Included you will find a specifically designed Edition 10 headphone stand made of the same Zebrano wood as the clasps on the outer ear cups. This elegant stand secures a safe storage for the investment. Price? Still not specified, considering that the Edition 8 is currently sold for $1,249 expect the 10 to be more expensive.

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