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The desk that garnished the most attention at the IDSWest this year is the latest sleek and gorgeous eSk-desk by Nico Spacecraft. The design has been percolating for a while in Jess and Nicolas' sketchbook, but the time to make it real was ideal for the 2010 IDSWest Show held at the new convention centre in downtown Vancouver. The couple explains, "The choice of wood was with the intention of allowing the piece to slowly change over time. The rich and diverse color will blend from a greenish/purple tint to a soft caramel tone. Poplar is a domestic hardwood and, in our opinion, underused in furniture design." The desk is a combination of traditional and non-traditional craftsmanship in the sense that there is no hardware involved but the direction of the layup of the solid wood is quite uncommon over such a span. Again though, that span is made possible by an old-world technique hidden in the internal structure of the desk, keeping it authentic. "Our best creations seem to come about when Nicolas and I complete each others designs. I inspire the form and feel and Nicolas is always at his best with details and execution, such as the architecture of a piece, down to drawer cut-outs versus regular handles.”

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