TreeHotel, Harads Sweden

Our lives in dense and busy cities, loaded with stress, give us little opportunity to live and appreciate the true beauty of nature’s wilderness. Inspired by the documentary film “Tradalskaren” (Treelover) by Jonas Selberg Augustsen (story of three men from the urban environment who look to get back to their roots by building a tree house together) two local entrepreneurs, Kent Lindvall and Britta Jonsson-Lindvall decided to pursue their dream and build a Tree House Hotel. The concept was born out of the question: “Why not create a comfortable, well designed hotel which allows visitors to live in harmony with nature among the trees?” With the help of a group of well-known designers and architects, the idea turned into reality in a group of unique rooms created in harmony with nature and with strong ecological values. Located in Harads, one of the most beautiful parts of Northern Sweden, the TreeHotel is the pearl of the Swedish forests. “Dig where you stand,” as the saying goes.


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