RG05 Special Edition for Elements

RG05, designed by Rui Grazina RG05 is the latest product designed by architect and designer Rui Grazina, a solid wenge and rosewood cube that can be separated into four trays with different facilities to store precious objects. The overall dimension is 170x170x170mm. Rui has used the cube consistently for previous pieces, a conceptual basic element, he states, "The cube represents, through its geometrically perfect form, a base for research, and allows me to search form by subtracting and/or separating parts from the whole.” RG05 is a versatile piece which can be organised in a different way each time, by the user and therefore remains in flux. Available in Portugal exclusively at Elements Contemporary Jewellery, Porto. www.elements.com.pt All photography by Nelson Garrido.

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Materialized by

Rui Grazina

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