Casa Al Gianicolo by Nicola Auciello Architect

This stunning loft located in a residential area of Roma - Italy designed by Nicola Auciello is characterized by the layout on seven different levels: six levels imposed by the existing building, whilst the seventh (the large loft) was created in the design phase. The loft area is designed with a relaxation-reading area in the first section, it then turns into a “children’s play area” (accessed from the bedroom) a kitchen, shielded by the large transparent tempered glass wall. The kitchen and the “children’s play area” hence interact with each other, looking and being looked at. Both convivial and “game theatre” areas: the hob and the art of cooking on the one hand, the joy and inventive skills of a child on the other. In the evening, just like the theatre, the curtain falls (a curtain used to obscure the glass).


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