Future-proofing your garden room

2011 - FUTURE PROOFING YOUR GARDEN OFFICE/ROOM/ANNEX/GYM/HIDEAWAY! Even though garden offices/studios/rooms are a relatively new concept, with a huge market yet to discover the benefits of this type of extra space, there are a growing number who are already thinking ahead. Roomworks have had quite a few projects where the customer's brief has been for a room that will evolve as they do, as their family grows (or shrinks) and as their work/play requirements change. With the significant costs involved, "future-proofing" your room and your investment makes a great deal of sense. What might start out as an office today, could become a granny annex in a couple of years time, so thinking ahead about your likely requirements is something Roomworks encourage their clients to consider as part of the design process.

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