Blue Geodes Light, New Glass Product from Livinglass

Livinglass, the only decorative laminated glass made with 100% recycled glass and resin, introduces a new interlayer pattern for 2011: Blue Geodes. Available in Light and Curves, Blue Geodes gives the look of colorful, 3-dimensional stone in glass as thin ½”. Like all Livinglass Light products, Blue Geodes is Class A/Class 1 Fire Rated and resistant to water, chemicals, and UV light. Outstanding durability paired with the 100% recycled glass and resin makes Livinglass Blue Geodes an environmentally responsible choice. Unlike plastic panels which can sag, fade or discolor, Livinglass Blue Geodes is a permanent, durable architectural material that can be easily maintained with standard cleansers. Bring your project to life with luminescent Blue Geodes.


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