Ferrari Delivers Exclusive, Track-Ready 458 Challenge

Building a faster 458 Italia is no small feat. Out of the box, Ferrari’s mid-engined masterpiece will deliver its occupants to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and press onward past the 200-mph mark. With the 458 Challenge, Ferrari turns its perfect 10 up to 11, unleashing a track-ready beast that handily tops the road-going Italia’s already dazzling performance figures. The Italian automaker’s fifth Challenge model (following in tracks of the 348, 355, 360, and 430 versions), the 458 was created to run in the one-make Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli race series. Maranello’s engineers decided that more power wasn’t a priority, so they equipped the new Challenge with the Italia’s glorious 5.5-liter normally aspirated V-8 engine, which belts out 570 horsepower at a screaming 9000 rpm. Instead, they focused on weight; the Challenge foregoes most of the Italia’s road-car amenities, including leather and power accessories, and employs thinner aluminum body panels along with a big helping of feather-light materials, including carbon-fiber composite and Lexan.


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